How Knitting Saved My Life

Knitting is for some, a lifelong passion. For others, it is a once-off occassion. For even more, it is a way to sell their products and make money.

For those who are new to knitting, you have no idea how beautiful and satisfying it can be. With the right patterns and the right accessories, you can create your own masterpiece!

The thing is, once you know the basics of knitting, you will have an easy access to new patterns and things. There are many free sources online, in fact!

Everything goes horribly wrong when you get the hang of it and start working on your projects at the same time.

Starting a new hobby

how knitting saved my life

When I was in my 20s, I started kniting because I wanted to try making a winter jacket. At the time, I didn’t know if I would like it or not, but I was curious so I decided to try it.

I started by reading online and then bought a few different patterns and attempted my own jacket several times. Each time, it did not fit right and I had to change my plan of how to use the yarn.

Eventually, I got it right and began making my first jacket. It took me about a month to complete it, as my arthritis makes doing long projects somewhat difficult.

In that month, I learned some new stitches and tools for working with the yarn, how to do simple patterning, and how to use the results on the finished piece.

Learning how to knit

how knitting saved my life

At first, knitted items were just for fun. You could make something easy to understand, simple designs that needed only a few rows to complete.

Then, as you grew more experienced with the knitting process, you could begin making things like blankets and socks! These things are always in demand and they are easy to make.

These clothes keep you warm and comfortable, which is what people want when they purchase them. Once you learn how to do it, you will be surprised at how quickly you can learn!

Learning how to knit can be frustrating at times. First of all, there are so many ways to do it! Second of all, it takes a while because you have to keep on the ground and on your feet for some time before you get the proper muscles built in.

Buying my first knitting needle

how knitting saved my life

When I was in college, I went to a local bookseller and asked for a good introduction to knitting. They gave me a nice set of instructions, and I began learning how to cast on and knit.

I stayed up late learning from my sets of books and videos, and by the time I graduated college with my knitting skill set, I was a pro!

The best part was that I didn’t have to make many mistakes to learn how to cast on, but once I got the basics down, starting increasing and decreasing properly was a piece of cake.

I still occasionally watch myself knit or listen to tutorials while doing other crafts, but when it comes time to start new projects, there’s always an old standby waiting for me.

Buying my first ball of yarn

how knitting saved my life

Back in the early days of internet-knitting, there was a very important step to taking your first loop of yarn commando-gauche: buying a ball of yarn.

It’s easy to go into retail stores and buy books and videos, but in real life experiences are needed to know how to best use a ball of yarn. I would say that for the first year of my knitalong, I spent about $20 on yarn!

During that year, I learned how to work with my yarn, how to use the most popular patterns for balls of yarn (DK/A/LC) and how to get the perfect gauge for each project.

Knitting my first project

how knitting saved my life

As an early childhood student, I was invited to join the local guild, where I met other students and knitted our first project. We were given a simple beanie to complete our education and start knitting.

I was very excited to begin, but also a little nervous. How does one talk about their thoughts and plans for the project? How does one show their work?

The hardest part was waiting for my turn to do my first row. I had such a hard time letting my brain relax as I worked on my row, so by the time I finished mine, I was already asleep!

Knitting is such a relaxing way to work.

Sharing my work

how knitting saved my life

Knitting has opened many doors for me. I never would have imagined how much joy and fulfillment I would find in it before, but now I know it can make you feel good.

I will never stop sharing my work with everyone, no matter how successful or unsuccessful it gets. It is such a beautiful way to show people your craft and get feedback.

It has also given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people and create projects with them. When you share something of value with others, they feel honored to help you out with their gifts so they can feel good about themselves when they finish them!

I cannot say enough about the benefits of knitting, so I am just going to highlight some of the things that have happened as a result of my work. First, I have received many interesting requests for patterns from people all over the world, including ones that are very specific to my projects.

Encouraging others with their hobbies

how knitting saved my life

Knitting is a way to spend your time and money, so why not encourage others to do it too? There are many websites and forums where people congregate to learn new skills and share stories of how they advanced their knitterly journey.

Of course, you do not have to be a professional knitter to share your knowledge and experience! Many talented knitters run online workshops or meet in person at local knit shops. And although it may not seem like a priority for some people, health benefits such as reducing stress and improving mood can be gained.

In addition to the health benefits, sharing your knitaldy journey can make you more aware of what makes you happy. Knitting is an Art that can be mastered by anyone.

Rediscovering myself

Knitting has given me a way to express myself. Through creating projects and working with them, I can share my own story with the world.

Many times, life gets in the way of us living our most inner selves. We are forced to struggle with our personal goals when we’re constantly stressed out about what else is going on in the world and how our project affects others.

By putting that energy into something that is meaningful to you, you are letting yourself and the world know that you are thinking and feeling (and Knitting) something true.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to self-care more easily, or more appreciative of what you have, or just likes being active again.

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