The dangers of mob justice

If anyone is brutally assaulted the result is devastating. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives), was assaulted at the residence of her San Francisco residence. This is a model new report, consequently there isn’t a lot data accessible. It is identified that the Mrs. Pelosi wasn’t in San Francisco at the time of the incident as was her husband, Mr. Pelosi was the victim. Any form of violence isn’t justified, especially at the house of blameless people. We are extremely involved about the current situation

. 1. Did there have to be a reason why that the vigilante mob encroached on the police station, and then was able to take control?

The desecration of a holy monument is what led mobs of vigilantes to take over the station. The girl who was arrested was arrested and was detained in the police station. The girl was accused of the offense of desecration to the monument to faith. The mob needed be punished for her. A lot of folks think about this incident to be a crime of severe severity. The mob would have believed that the truth that the woman was detained in a police station was a sign that they would not be able to punish her appropriately. The mob would view the risk of a riot at the police station as an possibility to seek justice to their personal and determine that the victim will get penalized

. 2. Did there exist an energetic vigilante mob?

In this case the mob of vigilantes was determined to punish the woman who was arrested for the desecration of an principal devout web site. They needed justice completed and believed that the police were not taking enough action to punish the girl. The police station was ablaze and demanded that authorities undertake corrective measures. While their actions were not authorized but they clearly had a motive and were motivated by the justice system

. three. What was the response of the police in this case?

The police responded with a calm strategy to attempt and defuse the problem. Police spoke with the mob in order to make clear the circumstances. They also tried to shield the girls from danger

. A Short Summary

Police have been informed by the husband of the suspect who claims that the suspect is suffering from emotional distress, possibly a contributing reason for her violent attack. A Blasphemy FIR was filed, and it is below investigation


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