VAST Data Wins HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award For Best HPC Solution

VAST Data’s DASE technology has been swiftly growing market shares. The development charge of the DASE architecture is extra than fifty eight occasions that of the typical market for file objects over the final two years. VAST Data’s customers contain leading specialists in AI and the potential to scale HPC computing


VAST Data introduced its Universal Storage Data platform in the course of the Supercomputing 2022 Conference. It was additionally awarded the 20th HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award to the leading HPC resolution. This award went to the VAST Data Universal Storage platform for simplifying the course of of large-scale computation. The platform presents unbeatable performance, unbeatable economics and an industry-leading infrastructure for all-flash. The revolutionary software program provides businesses the ability to teach and deal with all information, with no limitations from the past

. VAST Data offers computing space which is versatile adequate to allow analysis in science. The Sanger Institute’s pipeline permits it to analyze a hundred genomes of humans in simply one hour. The institute is at present together with UK Biobank Vanguard, which is aiming to sequence extra than 50,000. This is a major advancement for initiatives of a large scale

. Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics

HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards honor outstanding organizations, initiatives and technology inside the HPC sector. It is the only award of its type, the awards were chosen on by HPCwire readers. The awards are introduced in the course of the HPCwire Supercomputing Conference. Check out the HPCwire Awards article to discover out extra about the winners. Here are a handful of the qualities they offer:

VAST Data Universal Storage platform presents a fresh strategy to make life simpler at scale. It offers unmatched enterprise capabilities and features that allow for exascale scaling. Innovative compression algorithms are employed to increase storage capacity and use less power. Additionally, it makes use of fewer materials as in comparison to HDD storage devices. It outcomes in better effectivity and reliability, as well with decrease total expenditures of operating costs

. DataDirect Networks

HPCwire is one of the most renowned publications inside the HPC world. The publication has revealed its winners of its HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards honor top-quality items, initiatives and organisations inside the HPC group. Winners will be revealed in the course of the Supercomputing Conference. Reader votes are mandatory. VAST Data as well as GENCI received in this version. PRACE and Compute Canada are additionally included

. HPCwire is the most reliable supply for information and info about HPC. It is a website that focuses on high-performance computing as well as the newest innovations. The editors who have received awards for the publication and their readers picks highlight the newest and most cutting-edge HPC tools and apparatus to help scientific analysis and other applications

. VAST Data

The awards honor outstanding achievement with respect to AI as well as HPC computing. The winners were chosen from a group of HPCwire members. The winners are recognised as thought leaders by HPCwire readers as thought leaders. HPC group as thought-leaders. The VAST Data Universal Storage platform presents an revolutionary means of simplifying the course of of scaling simplicity. It offers all-flash storage which offers unparalleled system uptime and effectivity as well as the potential to scale up exascale

. The company’s leadership decided that they will sponsor students who will participate in the SC18 contest. The team, composed of six students from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, will represent Germany among 15 worldwide student groups. Prof. Dr. Arndt Bode is sponsoring the organization. He served as director of the Leibniz Supercomputing Center. Bode was additionally honored with a Verdienstorden of the Bundesrepublik Germany the highest honor in Germany


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