Alexis Ohanian on why he and Serena Williams make a great team

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has responded to Drake’s “I I Stay Winning” tweet. The music is rapped by Alexis Ohanian from her new album, Her Loss alongside 21 Savage. Although he did not particularly name his opponent Drake in his tweet, Ohanian didn’t hide the truth that he was angry at Drake’s comment

. Alexis Ohanian’s response on Drake’s “I Stay Winning” tweet

Drake’s diss on “I Stay Winnin” is an ongoing topic of debate on social media. Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has responded through Twitter in response to the tweet. Although Ohanian hasn’t addressed the song’s lyrics and the message the music but but he seems to be at ease about the issue

. On Thursday, the rapper Drake has launched a new single known as “Middle of the Ocean,” featuring a mockery in the direction of Serena Williams. There was hypothesis that Drake has made fun of Serena since he was also shut to her back in 2015 in accordance to some fans. Then, a few months later, he attended an tennis video game with Williams, so it’s attainable that he had ideas about Serena

. Drake even took on Serena Williams and different artists by means of the music. Drake also declared Serena Williams’ ex-husband Alexis Ohanian a “groupie”. It is clear that Drake’s tweets have provoked controversy and attracted criticism from a great range of fans

. Drake’s “groupie” lyric was her husband’s reaction

Drake alongside with 21 Savage launched “Her Loss” Drake’s newest album. Drake hit out at Alexis Ohanian who is Serena Williams’ husband. The lyrics also mention Paris Hilton. Though Drake and Williams have been shut pals for some time however, they did not confirm their relationship

. Backlash is a outcome of the song’s lyrics. Some are asking even if the rapper’s reviews are referring to Megan Ohanian’s father shot her in July 2020. Tory Lanez has pleaded not for the murder

. The lyrics in question are not the solely one on the album which has drawn controversy. A different observe on the album, “Circo Loco,” was also criticized from Megan Thee Stallion. This music was seriously criticized by the rap star simply because it refers to her confrontation with Kanye and her alleged capturing she was taken to the hospital in the face by Tory Lanez. Some of the songs from the album have been equally criticised by Drake, such as “Hotline Bling” as good as “Cha-Cha”

. Connection with Serena Williams and Drake

Serena Williams and Drake have been in a relationship since the beginning of time. Drake and the rapper attended an Wimbledon video game jointly in 2015. They were photographed with every different. After the match, two reportedly spent some time with every different. The two later were seen celebrating the Wimbledon win by means of Instagram. Drake is an avid fan of Serena, even although the romance hasn’t been confirmed

. It’s still unclear as to which connection is, the two of them have been connected to many ladies over their career. Williams is a member of his Canadian hip-hop scene since 2011 and Williams was noticed at a match. Though there’s no proof there is any proof Williams and Drake had ever been in a relationship however, they have a robust bond of friendship. They’re shut to every different and have been for many years

. Following the time that Williams offered Drake to play in a match, Williams and Drake were seen playing jointly during Drake’s 2016 Italian Open. The entrepreneur then got engaged to Williams at the same venue. After that, the couple were blessed with their first child after which they exchanged marriage ceremony vows in the month of November 2017


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