Dushanbe – A City of Contrasts

Monday might just be another day of the week, however adding magnificent hills, glacial lakes, and awesome green landscapes creates an completely totally different surroundings. Dushanbe is regarded to be the capital and the largest metropolis of Tajikistan which is a nation of extraordinary pure beauty. Dushanbe’s identify translates to “Monday” (Persian). The metropolis was named after its historic Monday market. It is much more than just the recollections of its prior provincial times. The state itself is one of the most enthralling high-altitude landscapes on the planet, with over percent of its terrain teetering in the clouds

. Dushanbe is regarded to be the capital metropolis of Tajikistan is located in the midst of breathtaking views and pure beauty. This “roof” that is Tajikistan offers a spot that offers a view of some amazing mountain ranges that were as soon as half of the USSR. Dushanbe is a place of development for centuries. it was initially an agriculture-based village inside Central Asia however became the capital of the new Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in

. The time of the Soviet Union and the civil conflict in Tajikistan and Tajikistan, the metropolis of Dushane witnessed quick expansion of its industry. The state began to rebuild and develop over time. Over the past 5 years, below the leadership of its city’s mayor Rustami Emomali, Dushane has skilled a peaceful revitalisation that has brought it into the front of the record of locations for travelers. Nowadays, the metropolis is the excellent blend of history and modern suggestions in architectural and design. The luxury hotel chains like Hyatt are investing in the metropolis and its future seems bright

. The Hissar Citadel, km away from Dushanbe it is between the top sights in Tajikistan. It is possible to visit the newly constructed section of the citadel, comprising six kilometers of partitions fortified with baking-earth, which is crumbling and remnants from the first half of the 20th century. Dushanbe’s inhabitants are decided to share their transformation with all of the world

. From Alexander the Great’s first location, we can see the majestic Palace of Nations, subsequent to the statue of the Tajik State founder Ismoli Somoni. The town’s most prominent attraction is even more stunning. It is the Maidoni Istiqlol – or Independence Square has been an opened public monument that was inaugurated by the president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon on the 13th September in the course of the nation’s th Republic Independence Day celebrations. It covers an region of over a hectare, the square is now adorned with the northern, southern and central gates

. The structure, which sits in a majestic place at the excessive point of the city, has a lovely pool with decorative decorations. In the pools, visitors can discover an abundance of historic artifacts. The Museum of the Complex displays exhibits relationship again as far as the Stone Age together with an axe, an picture of the Greek God Dionysus and an earring for a feminine designed to resemble a sphinx. Further inside stands a symbolic Tajik ruler’s throne constructed from wood and sprayed in gold, on which the golden sceptre was installed to symbolize independence as good as The revival of Tajikistan

. In Summary

The Maidoni Istiqlol, a magnificent public memorial that embodies the resilience and strength of the Tajik people is closing. It is an acknowledgement to the country’s founding fathers and an acknowledgement of the country’s rich history. The square is surrounded by its central, southern and northern gates The square also serves as a symbol of Tajikistan’s openness to the world , and its dedication to stability and peace


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