How To Knit Designs

Designing monsters and other scary things is a great way to unwind, as per the introduction. Designing does not have to be for entertainment purposes only! You can create art of your own stories or scenes to tell. Doing design is a good exercise for your hands as well as your mind. Having the ability […]

How To Knit Double

Double knitting is the process of knitting two identical knitted items together to create a larger piece. The two pieces can be joined or separated, and it can be invisible or visible. Because double knitting is a form of inlay, it can be used in a lot of ways. You can: Make two side panels […]

How Knitting Machine Works

A knitting machine is a device that ensembles multiple axes to create a knitted piece. The term refers to a set of tools and methods that are used to create a perfect seamless knitted piece every time. Using a knitting machine, you can learn how to create a simple looped project such as a hat […]

How Knitting Saved My Life

Knitting is for some, a lifelong passion. For others, it is a once-off occassion. For even more, it is a way to sell their products and make money. For those who are new to knitting, you have no idea how beautiful and satisfying it can be. With the right patterns and the right accessories, you […]

How Knitting Works

Knitting is a very simple craft. There are only four basic stitches used in knitting: the knit, the purl, the reaveal, and the decrease. However, there are a ton of techniques and styles used in knitting! The most common stitch in knitting is theknit. This can be a simple increase or decrease unit or it […]

How Do I Yarn Over In Knitting

Knitting is a very relaxing, beautiful art. There are many ways to knitalong, so now is the time to learn how do do over in knitting! Many people learn the basics at first, and then they can move on to more advanced techniques. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the language of […]

How To Bind Off I Knitting

When starting out as a knitter, the most important step is to bind off. There are two ways to do it, though both are valid: the easy one and the harder one. The easier one is to just start with a long row and then use the wrap method or the back looping method to […]

How Do I Do French Knitting

French knitting is a centuries old style that has endured through the changes in fashion. The main feature of French knitting is the use of lace. Lace is an enqueue or construction method used in fashion design. Lace is typically constructed with a basic chain, increase or decrease number of chains, and then joined to […]

How Do I Do Knitting

Knitting is a pretty basic skill to have. After all, you would probably like to be able to knit your own warm winter coats! There are many ways to learn how to do knitting. Here are some more tips: Make sure your yarn is the right tension for the project you want to create. Tension […]

I-cord Knitting How To

While many people are first introduced to knitting through the cable-style method, the I-cord is one of the more classic methods of knitting. The I-cord is known as a “backward knitting” method, where you turn a stitch twice and pick up a new stitch to work into the same direction. This technique is used to […]