Learning from the Mistakes of Others: What Not to Do When Dealing with Family Drama

We’re saddened to announce Tan Lee Hoon’s conviction for seven fees of assault on her domestic staff in December 2022. When he sentenced him prior to sentencing, Tan Lee Hoon stated in clear terms that “all domestic workers should be treat with respect and dignity”. Tan is a reminding us of the significance of safeguarding their rights as well as the dignity that domestic workers take pleasure in and the penalties that could be introduced about by not doing this. The particulars are as follows: Tan, her brother Jia Cheng and Koo have been requesting Koo to unlock a secure within an IKEA bag

. 1. Tan Lee Hoon was convicted of seven counts of assault

. Tan Lee Hoon was recently found responsible of seven fees of assault. The jury also decided that she was to have been involved in an try to steal gadgets the belongings of her loved ones. Her twin and her boyfriend was part of the plan. They entered the house of the loved ones of Tan Lee Hoon and stole a number of gadgets. Hoon was accused of a range of fees for her involvement in the investigation and also for her function in the burglaries. There have been two counts of homebreaking as well as two counts of criminal trespass in addition to two fees of tried and real theft. Hoon was sentenced to a term consisting of probation as well as restrictions on the contact she has with the twin of her boyfriend. Hoon was also ordered to pay restitution for her loved ones members

. 2. Tan stole her brother’s secure as well as every piggy bank funds in the home

. According to reports, Tan’s plan to steal was complex and well-planned. Tan sought out the help of her boyfriend as well as that of her brother-in-law in order to gain entry into the residence of her loved ones members and take their possessions. Tan found the key to the secure belonging to her brother, and stole the complete house’s piggy banks. Tan then entered the secure to take it out and then took out the piggy account, full of funds and jewelry. The suspects fled with the stolen gadgets however, they have been later arrested by the police. Tan’s behavior demonstrates a reckless disregard for her family’s safety and a desire to take virtue of the belief of her brother

. three. What was the method used by Jia Tan and Tan discover Koo to help open the safe?

Tan as well as Jia Cheng requested Koo for help opening the secure in order to take Jia Cheng from her loved ones. Koo is a skilled locksmith, and she was able to use her experience to unlock the mix lock, which allowed three individuals entry to the contents. While the precise method used to gain Koo’s entry isn’t known nevertheless her knowledge of lock picking and understanding of the inside workings of safes are thought to be the secret key. It is a sign of her experience in the discipline. The trio’s actions enabled them to gain entry to the safe, permitting the trio to carry out their crime

. four. Prior to he sentenced Tan What did the judge’s opinion be about the approach in which maids have been given dignity and respect?

The decide who ruled in the case of the woman who enticed her boyfriend and twin to steal from her loved ones members stated she should have dealt with her housekeepers with respect prior to giving her sentence. It is necessary to treat individuals with respect and respect, regardless of the standing they are in. The decide noted that this case was a warning to everyone to be respectful of the rights of others, and not take any actions that could be detrimental in the direction of that target. The decide also stated that her theft from the loved ones was a very severe offense, and she ought to have thought about the sentiments of the domestic members and her personal loved ones prior to when she took the action

. A Short Summary

The two girls who assaulted domestic workers as well as the woman who recruited her boyfriend’s twin brother in order to take S$57,000 of the loved ones members of her are unacceptable acts which should be punished. In order to prevent related acts from taking place again, the society should carry those liable. The decision of the court docket to sentence Tiffany Tan Hwee Shuan 10 months of jail time and 60 hours of neighborhood service was a valid decision. The court docket also acknowledged that Tiffany Tan Hwee Shuan has displayed some signs of regret


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