How Do I Do French Knitting

French knitting is a centuries old style that has endured through the changes in fashion. The main feature of French knitting is the use of lace. Lace is an enqueue or construction method used in fashion design.

Lace is typically constructed with a basic chain, increase or decrease number of chains, and then joined to another piece of clothing. The difference between lacing and casting is that lacing requires more work to create and castings are usually done by professionals.

Many people start French knitting because it is a quick way to do some projects. There are several ways to start French knitting, such as doing a simple cowl or kraal; both have the same features as different lengths of fabric being knitted together at one time.

Know how to hold the yarn

how do i do french knitting

When working with knitted fabrics, there are a couple of things to remember.

The first thing is to know how to hold the yarn.

The best way to do garter re-replaced and blanks is to wrap the yarn around your right arm twice, then release the right hand and hold the yarn in the left hand. The left hand must then wrap the yarn around the right arm twice, then release the left hand and hold the yarn in the right hand.

The second thing is to know how to do decreases and increases.

When doing decreases or increasing by more than one size, leave some space between them. This prevents your stitches from collapsing as you continue knitting.

Learn how to make a slip knot

how do i do french knitting

A slip knot is a useful tool for knitter. A slip knot can be used to re-tie multiple loops in a single pass, making it easier to control the size of the loop.

Slip knots are also known as figure eights or garter rosettes, and they look pretty cool! This is one of my favorite stitches to do.

Many stitch patterns are knitted in the round, so it is easy to do French knitting. The round shape makes it easier to work with than square items, like hats.

The best way to learn how to do a French Knitting slip knot is by watching a video or doing it yourself, but here are some tips that may help:

Choose your needle tip carefully. Look for ones that are soft and squishier, so your piece will not break when you pull on them.

Make a long tail cast on

The long tail cast on is an essential part of doing French knitting. This cast on can be long or short!

The long tail cast on is an essential part of doing French knitting. This caston can be long or short! When casting in lots of stitches, it helps to have a shorter one length yarn to hold onto when working the other stitches.

To make a short long tail cast on, use two double headed dollies (one for the beginning of your row and one for the ending), plus two separate tails: one for beginning the project, and one for stopping the project.

To make a longer, more sophisticated cast on, you need more tails: four double headed dolls! Make sure to keep these in different lengths so that you do not end up with too many patches of yarn.

Knit every row

how do i do french knitting

When you have completed the first row, your piece will look like this:

This is because when you continue with your project, the new liveliness will need time to set up. If you start to notice that it is slipping off your hands, take some time to stop and wrap it more tightly.

Use soft yarn

how do i do french knitting

When looking for French knitting yarns, you have several options. You can buy quite hard wool, cotton or silk, you can buy acrylic or Worsted wool, or you can use one of the many soluble fibers.

Acrylic yarns are usually very soft and easy to work with. Most times, cotton yarn is harder and Silk is softer but more durable. Both these materials can beWORKING! The only difference is which one you prefer.

We recommend using Worsted weight or medium weight acrylic or Worsted wool for your French knitting projects. This way, your projects will last longer because they are sturdy enough to stay on the draw of gravity. If you like lighter knits, then use less dense fibers such as cotton so they are not heavy when total thickness equals nothing!

Use as few helpers as possible when doing French Knitting and BE CAREFUL about this! You want to not overuse any one piece of fiber and lose some of the projects because of this.

Practice makes perfect!

how do i do french knitting

While reading some French knitting books, I was struck by how much time is given for the projects. Each book contains a metric ton of yarn, a lot of pictures, and a few instructions.

Many of the books include projects that are not advanced, so you do not have to feel like you are missing something. These are helpful to familiarize yourself with as well!

Many of the projects use doublestranded cable networks, which is not something most people know how to do. So, even if you do not know how to cast on or bind off, you can make a project!

I would recommend looking into French knitting books if you are new to the language or just want some help in doing French knitting.

Keep your edges neat

how do i do french knitting

When you are past the point where the last row ends and the next one begins, your project will start to look a little messy. This is okay!

At this point, your projects are finished and you can stop talking about it. But, if you keep your edges neat, you will be fine.

The easiest way to keep your edges nice and smooth is to use a cast-on that is at least two sizes larger than your main cast-on. The second easiest way is to use a double-pointed or set of crochet needles instead of plain old standard needles.

And the third easiest is to use ribbing instead of no ribbing at all. Because thisarticle is all about how to do French knitting, we will talk more about these three alternatives in a little bit.

Use a bigger needle size

how do i do french knitting

When knitting in garter stitch, a very important part of the knitting process is choosing a needle size. Nervous about looking like a knitter-on-edge with each stitch? Then use a larger needle size!

Garter stitch requires smaller, thinner needles and vice versa. When working with garter stitch, use the largest number of needles you can find to get the look you want.

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