The psychology of female con artists

Bob Greenblatt is partnering with the actress Allison Janney and author Alexa Junge in adapting the novel “Confident Women” into an anthology sequence to be aired on Amazon Prime Video. It’s the first tv undertaking for Janney, who is attached as executive producer non-writing alongside with her producer partner Chris Henze, a author from Thruline

. The author is hopeful about the assemblage of the subsequent set of initiatives. It’s Tori Telfer’s “Confident Women” book about female con artists “Swindlers and Grifters of the female Persuasion,” was released this year. The book covers a range of tales that have been shared all through the years. The magazine’s Greenblatt famous that the book is an interesting approach of presenting female-focused stories with a dark twist. It’s not ‘Dahmer’. We’re not talking about serial killers. They are capable of doing exceptional things

. Greenblatt pronounced “It’s time that women are given equal time”. “Confident Women” will tell the story of one lady each season. The show will start by following the case of Sante Kimes, an American lady of Indian origin who committed a range of crimes and is even the supply of some murders in the course of several years. Greenblatt explained that “they’re attracted to this life simply because of different motives we’d like to know”. “And let us show you the cause. The stories are really extraordinary. Greenblatt worked previously with Junge for Showtime in “The United States of Tara”

. Junge Janney alongside with Henze have joined forces in the undertaking. Telfer joins the crew as a co-EP. Amazon Studios and Thruline Entertainment are the financiers for the undertaking. “I’m thrilled to be working together with Janney since she’s a shut acquaintance,” he pronounced. This is Janney’s first foray into the creation industry and Chris Henze was the person who first launched me to it. We jumped on board together. In the meantime, Greenblatt continues to be engaged in the process of accelerating progress at his brand new enterprise The Green Room, which comprises a preview deal with Lionsgate

. Dark comedy “Dirty Deed” has ended at Amazon Studios. Its creators, Tom and Charlotte Melia, follows a female and her two top -something friends who realize the solely approach to own an condo is to take down her horrid grandmother. Greenblatt acknowledged that while the grandmother has a lot of dollars with a attractive home, it’s a very difficult, horrible character. “The people who have friends comprehend that the approach out of their financial troubles is to finally kill the grandmother. It is evident that the grandmother is in fact right

. Greenblatt’s Lionsgate contract with Lionsgate is the third time creation of “Dirty Deed”. He is additionally in charge for the “Death at Penn State”, a restricted sequence on Hulu in addition to “The Show must go on,”” that is based off a serial killers. Greenblatt is executive producing “Dirty Deed,”” alongside with Jon Wu as co-executive producer and Jon Wu as co-executive producer for The Green Room. Roberto Troni is additionally on the board as executive producer with Various Artists Ltd,. as good as Angie Stephenson is executive producer for BBC Studios

. In Summary

So if you’re in the need of a comedic movie that makes you think, ” ought to I actually be laughing at this? “, “Dirty Deed” is the movie for you. In addition, it will make you feel a complete new appreciation for your grandmother


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