How the Williams brothers turned Cash Money Records into an empire

“The platforms are for folks with a thing to share”. Charlamagne Tha God, co-host of WWPR (Power New York’s syndicated present The Breakfast Club), remarked this whereas receiving the Living legends foundation’s Jerry Boulding radio government award. The foundation’s 8th anniversary Awards Gala, held at the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood, recognized eight recipients

. At the ceremony, Charlamagne implored the viewers to “ask your self every the day who you have helped or influenced to help folks be the best versions of themselves”. The message was repeated all through the event, which saw Cash Money Records cofounders/CEOs Bryan “Birdman”, Williams and Ronald “Slim,” Williams being awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award. Polow da Don, the producer of the event, paid tribute to the Williams brothers prior to ceremony “They characterize the trenches and speak for the people

. I’d like thank my mentors, particularly Jean Riggins, for their help in supporting me get the position I am at at this time. Without their help they would have not helped me achieve the success that I am. Sharon Heyward’s life is an instance to all of us and I’m thankful to be able to have her as a character model

. Sharon Heyward, Solutionist LLC’s proprietor and operator was awarded the Legacy Award by David C. Linton (LLF’s chairman in emeritus) and Ray Harris (longtime industry friends and associates). After receiving the last ceremony of the evening, Heyward acknowledged that “I have usually been a straight-no-chaser kind of girl” and was visibly moved. “One of the maximum relics of my expert profession is the mentors, as good as others who inform them how I’ve helped with their expert lives”. People who were naysayers were also taken activity by her for demeaning folks of older age in the business, claiming that “age is an unimportant measurement”

. “That shows a lack of respect for the past that’s given to you” she continued. It is significant to be respectful of every the other and to be able to be supportive and help one another. Heyward was current on stage with Monique, her daughter working in the music sector. Heyward done a few moments from the Impressions tracks “Keep on Pushing” & “I’m So Proud” and concluded that “The rfile industry is not an easy activity for women”. I didn’t desire my daughter Monique concerned in this event, nevertheless I’m very proud of her…and to the crowd, thank that you let me be a position mannequin to sure of you

. The Digital Executive Award goes to Tuma Basa, director of Black cultural and leisure on YouTube. It is the Mike Bernardo Female Executive Award is awarded to Johnnie Walker, first feminine government vice president of promotion for promotion at Def Jam Recordings and now founder and CEO of the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment Inc. (NABFEME). Henry “Hank” Caldwell is the Founders Award winner. He’s an industry veteran who was the co-founder, president and director of HBCUGO TV, a reside streaming tv service that broadcasts live

. The moral

It’s clear ladies musicians have many challenges when it comes to reaching the identical place with male peers in music. However, with the help of good position types and mentors that will encourage future generations of ladies working in the discipline will stand a better likelihood at success. I am grateful to take part in this dialog and I am hoping that we’ll continue to work towards reaching equality in the world of music


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