“What to expect from your favorite streaming services in October”

The 25 Greatest Music Releases from October

. 1. October, 1st LCD Soundsystem’s “Laugh Now Cry Later”

October 5th, The Paper Kites “The Paper Kites EP”

October 12th, Franz Ferdinand “Boys(the last mix)”

-October nineteenth – Phoenix “Walking with Sunshine”

The twenty sixth of October – David Bowie & the Blackstar Album Tracklisting

2. These are the 25 most popular songs of Songs launched in October:

October 1st, the launch of Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief”

. 5th October, Florence and the Machine’s Machine Head

-October twelfth – Vampire Weekend’s ” x ]/ y ]/ z ]/a ]/x”]

Taylor Swift’s Reputation – – October 19th

“Muse’s Muse III (26/10/2013)

The 25 Greatest Albums in October

It’s. the center of October’s launch season for vinyl. With that in mind we’ve created an index of the best 25 albums. The record contains albums from all over the world, so don’t miss out on any new music!

2. The Top Albums of October

1) 1. The Love Clubbing EP from Flux Pavilion

2) Manchester Orchestra – Ahead of Our Time

Post Malone: Smack My Bitch up

4) The Weeknd – Starboy

5). Beach House – Born to Die

6) Florence + the Machine – Cosmopolis

7) John Newman – Monumental

8). Sharon Van Etten and The Soul Searchers: One Dance

9) Mitski – Seven Swingers

10) Sylvan Esso – WoodsLikeWater

11) The Paper Kites – due west

12). Okkervil River — The Workweek is a 4-Hour Week

13) Paper Kites, due west 2

14) Mount Eerie – North American Tour 2017

15) Paper Kites, due west

16) Beirut – Lemonade

17) The National – Don’t Dying (feat. Bon Iver and Jason Mraz

18) Beach House – Born to Die II

19) Florence + the Machine ft. Bon Iver, Jason Mraz and more Heartbeats20) Mitski – Hudson Mohawke (Extended Mixes EP)(Reissue)/Vol. 120) John Newman – Monumental II (Reissue)/The The Best of John Newman 22) Sylvan Esso – WoodsLikeWater Pt. 2(Reissue)/Symphony No. 5 in C Major (Op. 7/The Erased Album Sessions Vol. 1: 2004-2007(Reissue)/Mount Eerie LP (#1 Artist)]23) Fortabile + The Belle Epoque + Kasabian with Heaps of Money + More! – Destroy All Day/ merch only for sale at bandcampcom/tickets. for sale now!/$10 advance15. door-side nightstands for $15 or $25 for ground tickets. When you buy them with each other, you can save 10% off of their entire purchase! https://wwwfortabilebandcom/events/#!/thebestofoctober. 25] Fortabile + The Belle Epoque + Kasabian with Heaps of Money + More! – – Destroy All Day/ merch only on bandcampcom/tickets. today!/ $10 discountTickets. for the door are $15, $15 and $25. the ground tickets are purchased jointly , attendees can obtain 10% off of their entire purchase!

The 25 leading music CDs to hear to in October

The. version for October of the “Best of the Best” music compilation options 25 of the leading albums launched in the month of October. Each one of these albums provides a thing clean and thrilling to hear, and they offer a variety of kinds and styles

. 1). The Paper Kites by The Paper Kites

2). Snakehips by Snakespine

3). The National by The National

Swoon by Swoon


Mount Eerie, Mount Eerie

7). Elliott Smith’s successor to Honeymoon ((2000)8) The Death Cab for Cutie’s third album Tales of the Suburbs (2006)

9). Beirut by Beirut

10). My Bloody Valentine’s seventh album Loveless (2005)

11) Joe Bonamassa’s latest album Just For Today (2012) It is his first album in over 10 years). John Lennon’s last studio album Yoko Ono/John Lennon (2008)

. Conclusion

October is a great month for lovers of music as you can discover a wide array of unbelievable music videos, albums, and CDs for you to decide from. Check out our October Release Guide for some incredible options!

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